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Leprechaun Had One Condition For Casting Jennifer Aniston - And She Refused
The first "Leprechaun" film is perhaps best known for starring a pre-Friends Jennifer Aniston as one of the unlucky humans who face Davis' Warwick horror movie villain.
Trimark Pictures thought Aniston was perfect for the final girl role they needed. However, they wanted her on one condition, but it turned out to be a sticking point for Aniston.
In the Oral History of "Leprechaun" published by Mel Magazine, Mark Jones, the film’s writer and director, reveals that the studio wanted Aniston for the role only if she dyed her hair blonde.
Jones thought it wouldn't be a problem, so he called Aniston and told her, but she balked and said, "No, I don't want to do that. I'm sorry. I don't want to be difficult."
The studio’s condition was retracted and Jones told Aniston she didn’t have to bleach her after all. He recalls telling her, "You're not going to do it. Your hair is great."