Tom Hiddleston as Loki in Loki
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Loki’s Pink Floyd-Sounding Music Was A Total Accident
Countless franchises, including the MCU, have used Pink Floyd's music to complement their films. The soundtrack for “Loki” also seems to be inspired by the iconic music group.
Several of the songs from “Loki” sound remarkably like Pink Floyd's tracks "Have A Cigar" and “Time.” However, it appears that any similarities between them aren’t deliberate.
During a Reddit AMA for Season 2, violinist-composer Natalie Holt, who created the soundtrack for "Loki," clarified that the Pink Floyd sound was not intentional.
When asked if “Time” was embedded into Season 2's theme, Holt responded, “I realized that Pink Floyd influence had happened but it wasn't intentional.”
She continued, “I hadn't really heard that album '[The] Dark Side of the Moon' before...(love it now!) but Kevin [Wright] the producer mentioned it.”
Holt explained why they were similar: “I think it's because we were going retro synth/big orchestra/ big guitars... so that is the Pink Floyd's sound world.”