Mark Hamill (Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Variety/Penske Media via Getty Images)
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Mark Hamill Is Happy He Didn’t Win An Emmy For Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Mark Hamill has won numerous awards over the years, including for “Elena of Avalor,” but the actor was relieved when he didn’t get the Daytime Emmy for “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.”
The animated series saw the “Star Wars” icon return to the franchise; however, this time as a Sith, providing the voice for Darth Bane in the Season 6 episode “Sacrifice.”
Darth Bane is an ancient Sith Lord, who created the Rule of Two (one master and one apprentice) and appears before Yoda in the episode, threatening him in an otherworldly voice.
Director Dave Filoni said, “What a great, bizarre reflection to have Mark play, like, the ultimate side of good and light, and then the, kind of, the father of old, ancient evil.”
While Hamill gave a chilling performance with the help of the sound designers who layered two different versions of his voice together, he didn’t feel he deserved the award.
Hamill said, “I played Darth Bane on [Star Wars: The Clone Wars]. [...] Been doing the Joker for 25 years, never got an Emmy nomination. Did that character once: Emmy nomination.”
He added, “The [Clone Wars] cast is just the best voiceover people in the business. Here they do 65 episodes, really work hard. I come in for 20 minutes and snag an Emmy nom.”