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Marvel Is Repeating A Huge Mistake With The X-Men Comics
Marvel's announcement of the upcoming “X-Men '97” series return on Disney+ has stirred excitement among fans, marking a nostalgic return to the beloved animated show from 1992.
The new comic relaunch, “From The Ashes,” features three series by acclaimed creators. However, it feels safe and sticks to familiar territory instead of exploring new ground.
This cautious approach mirrors past mistakes, such as Marvel reverting to tradition after Grant Morrison's innovative run in the 2010s, leaving fans with a sense of deja vu.
“House of X/Powers of X” in 2019 revitalized the franchise with Krakoa, a mutant nation. But Marvel now risks stifling creativity by abandoning this direction with “Fall of X.”
The X-Men comics have thrived when embracing change and pushing boundaries, as seen with Krakoa. Fans will have to wait to see how Marvel executes the relaunch.