Diego Luna attends the special launch of Disney+’s new series "Andor" at the El Capitan Theatre on September 15, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Michael Buckner/Variety via Getty Images)
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Moments In Andor Season 1 That Make No Sense
The Hats
"Andor" brought a head-spinning number of firsts to the "Star Wars" galaxy and some head-scratchers. One of the latter was when Mosk and Karn, dressed as civilians, exchanged hats — a move which could mean Mosk’s reaffirming his continued deference to Karn or his sensing that Karn would prefer his own, and he was simply performing a bestie service.
Red Bull In Space
Cassian's extremely temporary friend, Windy, asked him for "Peezos," which, according to StarWars.com are "a form of legal pep pill or stimulant popular on both bustling Coruscant and laid back Niamos." Peezos seemed more nefarious than energy drinks, and Cassian was sentenced to six years in an Imperial labor camp while trying to purchase them.
Theme, Please?
It's difficult to discern what the opening theme song of "Andor" was, especially in the Season 1 finale when the threads from previous episodes were laden with the dissonant chords of the marching bands of Ferrix. Like the rising Rebellion, this music wasn't unified or pretty, but it did its job, even if it’s a departure from a John Williams score.
"Andor" caused a stir with its surprisingly raw language and by shooting its opening scene in a brothel, which is not the sort of detail audiences associate with "Star Wars.” Showrunner Tony Gilroy included it to test censorship boundaries at Disney, saying, "I wrote (the brothel scene) as a challenge."
Mismatched Names
When Cassian was sentenced to prison, viewers of a certain age were delighted to see a prop that looked like an old-school credit card machine, but in “Andor,” it’s used to process criminal records. Hard-core fans noticed the names on the record, which were printed in Aurebesh, the distinctive language of the “Star Wars” galaxy, didn’t match those under discussion.