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The 20 Best '80s Horror Movies Ranked
20. Basket Case
Concentrating on the seedy, sleazier side of New York, Frank Henenlotter’s "Basket Case" is a simple tale about a boy and his deformed mutant brother, but it's the humans who are the real monsters in the film. “Basket Case” is a story that'll stick in your brain long after you've finished showering to wash the grubbiness away.
19. Predator
Featuring the designs of genre genius Stan Winston, "Predator" is a macho science-fiction action-horror movie which sees Dutch and his squad of war-film stereotypes take on the eponymous alien menace. Featuring enough ammunition to topple a third-world dictatorship, "Predator" is an absolute blast that is expertly executed.
18. Gremlins
"Gremlins" is simultaneously a violent, blood-spattered tale of evil little skittering demonic creatures, as well as a manic and playful story filled with sugar-rush energy rarely found outside of Saturday morning cartoons. Due to its violence being cartoonish and over-the-top, the film gets away with a lot, but doesn’t fail to delight.
17. The Evil Dead
"The Evil Dead" displays all the hallmarks that Sam Raimi would come to be known for: bold camerawork, a frenetic pace and style, and a comic-book sensibility. There is an undeniable low-fi charm to the original movie (but the less there’s said about the tree molestation scene, the better.)
16. The Blob
"The Blob" is just one of several remakes on this list, all of which follow the same principle: do it bigger and better. It plays with the ideas of Steven McQueen’s original cheesy sci-fi horror while subverting them for a modern audience and is a super fun watch with some truly memorable gross-out moments.