They Cloned Tyrone
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Near-Perfect Sci-Fi Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen
Future Folk
Comedy folk music duos may be a lost art from the early 2000s, but “The History of Future Folk” parlays their success in a movie to capture their antics.
Debuting in 2013, the film follows the duo's arrival on Earth and their attempts to save the planet. Even those unfamiliar with Future Folk's schtick will find plenty to love.
See You Yesterday
Produced by Spike Lee and directed and co-written by Stefon Bristol, this Netflix original movie delivers its take on time travel with an exciting main cast.
It starts as an homage to "Back to the Future," complete with a supporting role for Michael J. Fox, but becomes a much more serious film with a pointed message.
Hard to Be a God
The sci-fi genre takes a brutal approach in this 2013 Russian film about a group of scientists examining a planet of humans living in a medieval version of Earth.
The movie is shown in black-and-white, fitting in with the story's overarching grim tone. It serves as a commentary on society's dismissal of science and intellectualism.
Brandon Cronenberg's 2020 movie follows assassin Tasya Vos, who takes control of others' bodies through mental implants to carry out her kills and avoid suspicion.
The movie isn't for a sensitive audience. Right from the haunting opening, it draws viewers into its violent and lurid world, keeping them off-balance like the movie's protagonist.
They Cloned Tyrone
After a small-time drug dealer is killed and reappears the next day, a secret cloning operation is discovered that is set to change America forever.
John Boyega is joined by Jaimie Foxx (who also produced the film) and Teyonah Parris, and the movie is genuinely funny and so wonderfully weird.