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One Of Robin Williams’ Funniest Birdcage Moments Was A Total Accident
"The Birdcage" broke boundaries and prevails as a pillar in LGBTQ cinema. The laughter inspired by the characters remains a force of relief for many viewers to this day.
Playing an openly gay couple and owners of a Miami drag nightclub, Robin Williams and Nathan Lane display comedic genius in every scene, especially in their improvised sequences.
One of the funniest scenes in "The Birdcage" transpires when Williams' character accidentally slips and falls in the couple's kitchen.
Actor Hank Azaria, who plays their housekeeper Agador, tol The A.V. Club the fall was revealed was unintentional. While frantic during a dinner party, Williams falls to the floor.
Thanks to Williams’ perfect delivery, the scene was kept as it was filmed. “I was supposed to be crying,” Azaria said, “But I was actually laughing."