Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation
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One Of Star Trek: TNG’s Best Picard Plots Was Supposed To Have A Sequel
In "The Inner Light," one of the best episodes of "Star Trek: The Next Generation," Captain Picard is essentially given memories of an alternative life that he could have lived.
Strangely, Picard's touching memories are never mentioned again. The episode's writer, Morgan Gendel, revealed there was originally supposed to be a follow-up.
In the episode, Picard loses consciousness after encountering a mysterious probe. He awakens on the planet Kataan to discover he's married and actually named Kamin.
He lives a blissful life far into old age before the truth is revealed — the probe contains a memory recording of Kamin’s life, and Kataan had been destroyed long ago.
The episode strays from writer Morgan Gendel's original idea, which would have seen Picard and Riker taken to a warzone, becoming a character piece rather than a war commentary.
Still, Gendel liked the finished teleplay and even had a tragic idea for a follow-up where Kataan wasn’t destroyed and Picard/Kamin’s wife was still alive.
Picard would have had a chance to meet the woman he fell in love with in the simulation, an idea that Gendel said would have been "so powerful." Sadly, it never came to be.