Chris Hemsworth as Thor
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One Of Thor’s Funniest Moments Was Completely Improvised By Chris Hemsworth
While Marvel executives, including Kevin Feige, are known for carefully mapping the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there's still room for improvisation in their blockbuster franchise.
According to a Gizmodo interview, Feige revealed that Hemsworth's improvisation in “Thor: The Dark World” resulted in one of the funniest moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Feige mentioned that during filming, there was a scene where Thor humorously enters a mere mortal house, stating, “[Thor] hanging his hammer on a coat hook in ‘The Dark World.'”
Taika Waititi's direction in “Thor: Ragnarok” used Hemsworth's improvisational skills, resulting in a critically acclaimed film featuring more humor from the character of Thor.
While playing up Thor's playful side worked well for “Ragnarok,” it ultimately led to the shaky attempt to recapture lightning in a bottle that was “Thor: Love and Thunder.”