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One Original Series Episode Had Star Trek’s Cast Swimming In Sweat
The rock formations at Vasquez Rocks in California look eerie, ancient, and alien, and it was an oft-reused filming location throughout various "Star Trek" projects.
According to actor Michael Dante, shooting at Vasquez Rocks was horrible. Dante played the part of Maab in "Friday's Child," and the area reached 117 degrees the day of filming.
Dante had to wear an outsize blonde wig to play Maab, as well as an uncomfortable-looking headpiece and a regal costume that Dante said was filled with sweat.
The actor stated, "There weren't any openings in the clothing. They were all tight, with boots. I was 180 pounds at that time [...] but I lost seven pounds in one day.'"
He continued, "The water was oozing out of us. Every time I'd take a step in my boots, there'd be a swooshing sound, and that was perspiration that went down to my boots."