The main cast of Bones
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One Scene In Bones' First Episode Forever Changed The Fate Of The Show
Fox's "Bones'' ran for an impressive 246 episodes across 12 seasons. The show's success stems from the relationship between Temperance "Bones" Brennan and Seely Booth.
However, this wasn't always going to be the case. Show creator Hart Hanson told Give Me My Remote that Seely Booth was always supposed to be part of the show but not the co-lead.
Hanson explained, "Booth was gonna play one of many cops that [Brennan] interacted with. He was gonna be the most prominent, but not in every episode."
While filming the rose garden scene at USC, Hanson realized, "Oh my god, this has to become a different show. It has to go toward 'Moonlighting.'"
He added, "You want to watch these two interact; a very rational person and very emotional person." In that moment, Hanson understood that this show needed both characters to lead.
Hanson continued, "Everyone was thinking pilot, but I was thinking series. I just thought, 'We've gotta get this guy and this girl together for a million episodes.'"