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Patrick Stewart Had A Bad First Impression Of Star Trek Creator Gene Roddenberry
Patrick Stewart wasn't fond of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” creator Gene Roddenberry when the two first met to discuss Stewart taking on the role of Jean-Luc Picard.
Stewart didn’t know who Gene Roddenberry was upon learning that the creator of “Star Trek” wanted to speak with him. “Jean who? I don't know her,” he recalled saying to his agent.
Stewart told the LA Times, “I went to Gene Roddenberry's house and was greeted at the door by this man, Robert Justman, who had been at the university [UCLA] the previous night.”
Stewart continued, “[Justman] had called Gene Roddenberry and said, ‘I think we found an actor we've got to have in the show.’”
The actor was not greeted politely, as Stewart recalled, “When I arrived, there were two other men there, besides Gene and Robert, and nobody asked me [to] sit down.”
The meeting didn’t last long. Stewart said, “We talked for about 10 minutes standing up, and then Gene said, ‘Thanks for coming over,’ and goodbye. And I was back on the street.”
Stewart was mystified by the bizarre meeting with Roddenberry and company, sharing, “I thought, ‘Bloody hell, what the heck was that about?’”
Surprisingly, Stewart's agent told him that despite the curt conversation, Roddenberry and the other folks in the room wanted to move forward with Stewart in the role of Picard.