Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey
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Pedro Pascal Improvised One Of His Most Heartbreaking The Last Of Us Lines
On "The Last of Us Podcast," the showrunners described an emotional episode when Pedro Pascal broke from the script and improvised his lines.
Pascal's character, Joel, broke down to his brother about his fear of losing Ellie (Bella Ramsey) and told him that he has heart-stopping dreams every night that wake him up.
When asked what the dreams are about, Joel admits he doesn't know. "I can't remember," Joel says. "I just know that when I wake up, I've lost something. I'm failing in my sleep."
The exchange may be short, but for reticent, traumatized Joel, it's a huge show of vulnerability – one that reframes his entire character. And apparently, part of it came from Pascal himself.
Mazin paraphrases that "the [lines], 'I have dreams ... All I know is that when I wake up, I know I've lost something,' that was something from Pedro directly."