Rachel Brosnahan at an event
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Rachel Brosnahan Became A Stalker To Prep For Superman: Legacy’s Lois Lane
With James Gunn and Peter Safran launching the newly-dubbed DC Studios and announcing the new DC Universe franchise, new superhero films are coming.
Starting the new franchise is “Superman: Legacy.” While there’s some time before “Legacy” arrives, the Lois Lane actor Rachel Brosnahan is already fully committed to her role.
Lois is Clark Kent’s fellow Daily Planet reporter and love interest. As the story follows a young Clark navigating Metropolis, Lois’ story will likely involve lots of journalism.
She told Entertainment Weekly, “I’m stalking my journalist friends right now. I’m just trying to understand a little bit more deeply kind of how that mindset works.”
Although it’s unclear just how much journalism Lois Lane will be doing, based on Brosnahan’s prep work, it could be a significant part of her storyline.