Tom Cruise and Jennifer Connelly on a motorcycle in Top Gun: Maverick
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Ranking Every Main Character In Top Gun: Maverick
7. Rear Admiral Cain
Similar to the cigar-chomping first commanding officer Stinger in “Top Gun,” Rear Admiral Chester Cain (Ed Harris) doesn’t like pilots, particularly Maverick.
Harris grounds Maverick for good when he disobeys orders, but once again, an antagonizing member of the military brass ends up — in a roundabout way — sending Maverick to Top Gun.
6. Penny Benjamin
The only big flaw in "Top Gun: Maverick" is the flat is the second chance at romance between Maverick and an old flame, Penny Benjamin (Jennifer Connelly).
Romance just isn't something this Tom-cat prioritizes as a producer. That said, Maverick eventually proposes to Penny in a beautifully shot and wordless montage that really lands.
5. Lt. Seresin
Glen Powell isn't a huge name yet, but might be after his turn as the hatable Lt. Jake 'Hangman' Seresin, stealing scenes oozing smarminess and macho overconfidence.
Hangman is the updated version of Val Kilmer's Iceman. He’s not only a cocky jerk, but he might also be the kind of pilot who will get Maverick and Rooster killed.
4. Lt. Bradshaw
Thirty-six years after Maverick's co-pilot’s death, the other characters have moved on, including Goose's own son, Lt. Bradley 'Rooster' Bradshaw (Miles Teller).
There is a bit of an age discrepancy, used to pit Rooster against Maverick and give them a nice arc. When Rooster and Maverick finally put the past aside, it is spectacular.
3. Maverick
Did you know Captain Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell even had a first name? In the nearly four decades since we've flown with Maverick, this character has been stuck in place.
All of his contemporaries have been promoted but Maverick remains a Captain, riding the same motorcycle. Maverick is an iconic character, but he's also uncomfortably ageless.