Sylvester Stallone as Rambo
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Ranking Every Rambo Movie From Worst To Best
5. Last Blood
In 2019's "Last Blood," we once again found Rambo in full "I'm just trying to live my life, leave me alone" mode in a potentially final franchise effort.
The script indulged in gratuitous violence while failing to make its main character believably layered, leaving much to be desired, and Rambo received an anticlimactic send-off.
4. Rambo III
While the series began thoughtfully melding post-Vietnam trauma with taut action, by the time we got to "Rambo III," the titular war vet became a one-man army.
If you like cheesy '80s action, "Rambo III" might be for you. As this list goes, however, there are simply better films more deserving of a higher ranking.
3. First Blood Part II
This movie is enjoyably bad in a way that the third installment isn't, as Rambo embarks on a murderous rampage, disposing of at least 75 bad guys.
It's worth noting that this was right as the rivalry between Sly and Arnold Schwarzenegger was heating up, with both stars attempting to outdo each other in every way.