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Ranking The 10 Best Horror Movies Of 2023
By SlashNews Staff
10. No One Will Save
Brian Duffield’s newest film, “No One Will Save You,” is an alien home invasion story with almost no dialogue, carried by Kaitlyn Dever’s performance.
The movie features the classic gray alien design; however, some of the aliens can expand their limbs to incredible sizes, like gigantic spiders, as they terrorize the small town.
9. Thanksgiving
While there are some issues with the story and characters, Eli Roth’s “Thanksgiving” is a fun experience similar to old-school slasher films.
The filmmaker isn’t trying to break new ground; instead, he’s delivering a series of thrills and kills that are bound to appeal to most fans of the genre.
8. Beau Is Afraid
Some might argue that Ari Aster’s “Beau is Afraid” isn’t a horror film, but the movie is filled with horrific, nightmarish imagery throughout this strange story.
During his journey home, Beau has bizarre encounters until the film’s finale, which is so bleak and unflinchingly strange that it creates a genuine horror for the viewer.
7. Infinity Pool
Brandon Cronenberg’s latest movie, “Infinity Pool,” follows Alexander Skarsgård’s character as he clones himself to take the fall to avoid legal trouble.
This opens the door to a world of strange, vile, increasingly violent situations as Skarsgård’s character becomes more and more deranged and damaged by the experience.
6. Talk to Me
Danny and Michael Philippou shocked audiences worldwide with the Australian movie “Talk To Me,” a story about a group of friends who are willingly possessed by ghosts.
While the film goes into some seriously dark places, there’s always an air of fun hanging in the air as these teenagers take part in this party game.