Bela Lugosi as Dracula
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Ranking The 5 Best Dracula Movies Ever Made
5. The Monster Squad
Fred Dekker’s “The Monster Squad” features one of the best Draculas, played by Duncan Regehr, who comes off as more of a comic book supervillain.
Rather than charming and seductive, Regehr’s Dracula is a jerk who is obsessed with world domination and willing to go to any lengths to accomplish his goals.
4. Nosferatu
Werner Herzog’s 1979 “Nosferatu the Vampyre” is a remake of the original, made after Dracula had entered the public domain and was available for wide use.
Herzog’s movie added sadness to this material, with Klaus Kinski's Dracula seeming less like an evil creature of the night and more like the loneliest being on the planet.
3. Horror of Dracula
The concept of the fanged vampire is likely derived from Hammer Film Production’s “Dracula,” also known as “Horror of Dracula,” which starred Christopher Lee.
The towering Lee’s Dracula was instantly iconic, and his pairing with Peter Cushing’s Van Van Helsing proved to be nothing less than perfect.