CULVER CITY, CA - JULY 19:  "Simpsons" character "Sideshow Bob" lying in a tank of water at the "Get Inked With Homer" benefit at the Wonderful World Art Gallery on July 19, 2007 in Culver City, California.   (Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)
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Ranking The Best & Worst Sideshow Bob Episodes Of The Simpsons
16. The Great Louse Detective
“The Great Louse Detective” breaks the “Bob fails to kill Bart” formula of the past episodes and gives the villain his first win. In a twist, Bob chooses not to end his nemesis.
15. Gone Boy
When Bob thinks Bart is dead, he laments it wasn’t his doing and goes to therapy to resolve these feelings. Later, Bob saves Bart from death, but viewers know he hasn’t changed.
14. Bobby, It’s Cold Outside
Bob’s latest appearance in “Bobby, It’s Cold Outside” shows the villain in a kinder light, with him seemingly turning over a new leaf and working as a seasonal Santa.
13. The Man Who Grew Too Much
In another change of pace, Bob spends more time with Lisa than Bart, as he genetically alters himself with animal qualities, like a whale’s sonar ability, with hilarious results.
12. Treehouse of Horror XXVI
Bob beats the Elmer Fudd formula trope in “Treehouse of Horror XXVI,” where he finally kills his nemesis only to repeatedly bring him back in a Frankenstein way and kill him again.