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Ranking The Most Brutal Moments In Evil Dead Rise
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for
“Evil Dead Rise.”
9. Caleb’s Death
During the film’s opening, Teresa shouts that Caleb’s drone nearly decapitated her, but he explains that the blades aren’t sharp enough for that, though they can still cut.
Later, Caleb brutally learns just how sharp the drone’s blades are at the hands of his Deadite-possessed girlfriend, Jess, who also rips his head off for good measure.
8. Brainless Meat Puppet
Possibly the worst thing about facing a Deadite is its ability to seemingly peer into one’s psyche and expose their inner thoughts, fears,
and grudges.
Deadite Jess tells Teresa, “Who is the brainless meat puppet now?” hinting there’s tension between these two friends, and more painful is the fact this doesn’t get any resolution.
7. Do Your Chores
Although what befalls Ellie and her family is tragic, knowing that the children might have been able to save their mother if they had only listened to her request makes it worse.
Ellie asks Danny to lower his music and Bridget to do her laundry; instead, he blasts the demonic record while Ellie’s in the elevator with the laundry, thus sealing her fate.
6. Cheese Grater
Although some feel that the cheese grater scene teased in the trailer doesn’t quite live up to the hype, it still is one of the most unique set pieces in “Evil Dead Rise.”
The scene deepens viewers’ understanding of the characters, highlighting the tension between possessed Bridget and Beth as the Deadite calls her aunt “selfish” for her choices.
5. Ellie’s Omelet
Ellie’s omelet-making scene symbolizes the brutal stress of birthing and raising children and creates an image of the pregnant body being reshaped to support a baby.
The scene also marks the animalistic unleashing of Ellie’s feelings of suffocation and loss of identity and satirizes the unrealistic expectations placed on mothers to be selfless.