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Ranking The Sopranos’ 12 Best Paulie Walnuts Episodes
12. Mergers and Acquisitions
Paulie and Nucci’s relationship wasn’t perfect, but “Mergers and Acquisitions” showed how far he would go to ensure his mother’s happiness, including using mafia tactics.
After learning Nucci isn’t liked at the retirement community, Paulie defends his mom, ending with Little Paulie and Benny beating Cookie Cirillo’s son to get her to be nicer.
11. Mayham
Paulie love and respects Tony Soprano, but “Mayham” shows that greed can come out at the worst times as he considers refusing to pay Carmela after he gets shorted on a heist.
Although Paulie agreed to financially support the Soprano family should anything happen to Tony, the henchman only hands over the money once his boss awakens from his coma.
10. Remember When
“Remember When” is a rare episode where the audience sees Paulie from another character’s perspective as he and Tony hide out from the FBI in Florida.
This episode served as an edge-of-your-seat culmination of ongoing friction between Paulie and Tony, reflecting how serious the stakes have become by the final season.
9. Second Opinion
After Christopher Moltisanti becomes a made man, Paulie takes to hazing the new initiate thanks to his seniority, with the pettiest moment coming in “Second Opinion.”
Tensions between the two are at an all-time high during the apartment inspection until Paulie pulls out a Big Mouth Billy Bass, providing everyone with a moment of laughter.
8. Walk Like a Man
Paulie and Christopher’s issues reach an all-time high during “Walk Like a Man” after a lucrative side hustle leads to a brutal back-and-forth between the two men.
Although their conflict is resolved, Paulie’s recurring position as the antagonist in their relationship might be partially responsible for Christopher’s failure to remain sober.