Reservoir Dogs cast scene
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Reservoir Dogs Was Inspired By A Movie You’ve Likely Never Seen
Renowned director Quentin Tarantino made a significant impact with his first film, the 1992 heist movie "Reservoir Dogs," which pays homage to a film called "City on Fire."
Set in Hong Kong, "City on Fire" tracks an undercover cop in peril after a coworker's death. The frenzied finale ends in a three-way stand-off and a shocking betrayal revelation.
Meanwhile, Tarantino's “Reservoir Dogs” mirrors the final moments of director Ringo Lam’s film, unfolding the heist in a reversed fashion and adding layers to the characters.
Similarities go beyond the plot, with visual references such as iconic slow-motion shots, the climactic three-way stand-off present in both films and stylized violence.
However, Tarantino denies the assertions of similarities, telling the American Film Institute, "If you've ever seen 'City on Fire,' it's very, very different from my movie."