Ridley Scott during 1996 portrait shoot in Marina Del Rey, California. (Photo by Bob Riha Jr/WireImage)
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Ridley Scott Wasn’t Invited Back For Aliens, And He Was Furious
Though Ridley Scott directed the 1979 sci-fi hit “Alien,” he did not helm the 1986 sequel “Aliens.” Those duties fell to James Cameron, and the result was more action than horror.
According to Scott, he was never asked to come back for “Aliens,” with the filmmaker telling The Hollywood Reporter, “I was never asked to do the sequel.”
He said, “I was such a tough guy when I was doing [‘Alien’], they didn't want me back. But I was also in the habit of not wanting to do a sequel [...] I would never have done it.”
Still, Scott wasn't too pleased to have been replaced and told Deadline, “I was pissed. [...] I knew I'd done something very special, a one-off really. I was hurt, deeply hurt.”
Eventually, Scott would become involved again in the “Alien” franchise, returning to direct 2012's "Prometheus" and 2017's "Alien: Covenant," neither of which matched “Alien.”