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Rotten Tomatoes Says These Are The Only Two Perfect Horror Movies
In cinema, perfection is subjective and unattainable, as every film has flaws. However, as noted by Rotten Tomatoes, these two horror films are the closest to perfection.
Rotten Tomatoes determines perfection through a binary system. Critics rate a film as either “fresh” or “rotten.” If a certain number of critics give a positive review, it’s fresh.
Only two horror films have a perfect 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes: Remi Weekes' "His House" and Shin'ichirō Ueda's "One Cut of the Dead."
Remi Weekes' "His House" is a Netflix thriller about South Sudanese immigrants settling in England. The film uses supernatural elements to explore racism and assimilation.
The story centers on a family in a rundown London home. They encounter a ghostly figure, believed by the matriarch to be a fool, now haunting them from their past in Sudan.
"One Cut of the Dead" presents a unique twist on the zombie genre. It portrays a film crew attempting to shoot a low-budget horror film that real zombies overrun.
As the crew scrambles to navigate the chaos, the film blurs the lines between fiction and reality, creating a comedic yet suspenseful narrative where characters improvise.