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Sci-Fi Shows Every Fan Of The Expanse Needs To See
Altered Carbon
This cyberpunk thriller is set 300 years in the future, in a dark, dystopian California where human memories can be downloaded into new bodies called "sleeves."
“Altered Carbon” is a sci-fi noir full of mysterious twists and turns and amazing action scenes, which are reminiscent of something out of "John Wick."
This psychological thriller was produced by Ty Franck (co-creator of “The Expanse“), and the show is based on a novella and short stories by George R. R. Martin.
The show’s references can be heavy, but if you love high-stakes horror, "Nightflyers" is a fun watch that will have you questioning what is real, and what's only in your head.
Lost in Space
Netflix's remake of the 1960s classic, "Lost in Space" has polished, high-intensity action. Less gritty than "The Expanse," the show is just as tense and exhilarating.
The show centers on the Robinsons, who are faced with increasingly perilous situations at every turn; the action is punctuated by poignant moments of family togetherness.
Starting as a simple crime drama, the German science-fiction thriller "Dark" trusts its audience to navigate the twisted, interwoven plotlines that form its narrative.
Between the many characters and multiple timelines, you may want to keep a notepad handy in order to keep everything straight. That said, "Dark" is complex but very well-executed.
The Orville
At first glance, Seth McFarlane's "The Orville" is a light-hearted take on the space exploration genre but becomes a loving homage to Star Trek — with fart jokes.
The fascinating thing about "The Orville" is how its heart really sneaks up on you. While the characters are quirky and irreverent, some episodes have jaw-dropping poignancy.