Waist-up portrait of Sean Connery as James Bond holding a gun and smiling
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Sean Connery Wrote His Own James Bond Movie About Robot Sharks
Due to a legal loophole, Sean Connery returned as James Bond for the first time in 12 years, starring in Irvin Kershner’s non-canonical “Never Say Never Again.”
However, the actor revealed that he would initially return to the franchise as a writer and talked about one of his scenes in which robot sharks attacked New York City.
The film was going to adapt producer Kevin McClory’s version of “Thunderball,” a story he had helped James Bond author Ian Fleming write for the big screen but was never made.
In the story, Connery revealed that SPECTRE had a fleet of planes taken from the Bermuda Triangle and planned to attack New York City through the sewers
He added, “They’d have mechanical sharks in the bay and take over the Statue of Liberty, which is quite easy, and have the main line of troops on Ellis Island. That sort of thing.”
The movie was going to be titled “Warhead.” Unfortunately, it was never made because the owners of the franchise, United Artists and Danjaq, felt it violated copyright.