John Cho as Hikaru Sulu in Star Trek Beyond
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Star Trek Beyond Cut A Devastating Sulu Backstory Scene
In "Star Trek Beyond," Hikaru Sulu is only seen with Ben in a brief, dialogue-free scene. However, Ben originally played a more significant role in an earlier film cut.
When Yorktown is attacked by a vengeance-mad villain named Krall, armed with futuristic super-weapons, there is a brief shot of Ben and Demora fleeing for their lives.
The moment was meant to carry a lot more emotional heft. Actor John Cho mentioned a cut scene where Ben moved to Yorktown against his will.
In 2016, Cho revealed to TrekMovie that Sulu had a few lines of dialogue explaining how Ben came to be living on Starfleet's Yorktown station with their daughter Demora.
The actor disclosed, "Sulu makes a confession to Uhura and says that his husband didn't want to move out to Yorktown, [...] but he made that sacrifice for Sulu's career."
Cho added, "Sulu felt a very heavy sense of guilt about having made that move and now had inadvertently endangered his family [...]."