Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham in Star Trek: Discovery
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Star Trek: Discovery Just Brought Back A Legendary Original Series Plot
The Mirror Universe concept was one of the strangest ideas introduced in the original “Star Trek.” The alternate universe idea would return in later shows like “Discovery.”
The Season 5 episode of “Discovery,” titled “Mirrors,” is a reference to arguably one of the most influential “Trek” moments: the one that introduced the Mirror Universe.
In the episode, Captain Michael Burnham and Book enter a wormhole and find the remains of a familiar-looking Starfleet vessel emblazoned with the name “ISS Enterprise.”
While this isn’t the same ship Captain Kirk commanded thousands of years ago, it’s one that found its way from the depths of the Mirror Universe and remained stranded.
While searching the ship, Burnham and Book stumble upon information about the previous occupants, specifically the Mirror version of Saru seen in Season 3.