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Star Trek: Picard Almost Went With A Different Name For The Enterprise-G
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for
Season 3 of “Star Trek: Picard.”
“Star Trek: Picard” showrunner Terry Matalas revealed to Comicbook.com that the Enterprise-G almost had a different name.
In Season 3 of “Picard,” the Titan is renamed the U.S.S. Enterprise-G in tribute to Jean-Luc’s old ship, and Matalas said the ship’s name nearly became a commemoration
of Picard.
When Matalas saw an SFX test for the Enterprise-G, he considered renaming the Titan the U.S.S. Picard, but the team changed their minds when they saw the ship’s inscription.
Matalas explained, “We even discussed, ‘Does it become the Picard?,’ but when we got to the visual effects and we saw NCC-1701-G on it, and U.S.S. Enterprise, we all gasped.”
The “Picard” team realized that Enterprise-G should remain the name, as Matalas added, “It looked so perfect on that Constitution class saucer [...] We did the right thing.”