BERLIN, GERMANY - JANUARY 17: British actor Sir Patrick Stewart attends the "Star Trek: Picard" fan screening at Zoo Palast on January 17, 2020 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Tristar Media/Getty Images)
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Star Trek: Picard Had To Agree To Two Conditions To Get Patrick Stewart Back
When showrunner Alex Kurtzman approached Patrick Stewart about appearing in “Star Trek: Picard,” the actor balked. However, Stewart would agree to the show with two stipulations.
Stewart said, “I didn't want to wear a uniform, and it must not be a series that is fundamentally a sentimental reunion of ‘The Next Generation.’ And they agreed to that.”
Stewart didn't want to merely reunite with his old co-workers and do a rehash of a show he had completed almost 30 years prior, and the early seasons of “Picard” obliged him.
The first two seasons of “Picard” kept Stewart far away from Federation starships, and the stories were elaborate mystery boxes that occasionally incorporated “TNG” characters.
Although when Stewart finally got to act with his old “TNG” co-workers again, he had a change of heart and found that working with some of his fellow castmates was pleasant.
He said, “The first [...] character who came on the show was Jonathan Frakes and then [...] Marina Sirtis [...] To my great pleasure, I enjoyed having them back on the soundstage.”
Stewart was also weirdly exhilarated to see how old all of his “TNG” castmates had gotten, and how much they were all still able to perform at the top of their acting game.
He said, “We've all aged [...] I mean, Michael Dorn! Whose hair is white! And Jonathan with his grizzled gray beard. And me [...] with my hollowed cheeks and exhausted appearance.”
Stewart didn't note when he changed his mind from being anti-reunion to a supporter of getting the gang back together, but he was happy to take part by the show's third season.