Seven Of Nine in Star Trek: Picard
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Star Trek Showrunner Teases Seven And Raffi’s Post-Picard Future
At the end of the first season of "Star Trek: Picard," Seven of Nine and Raffi began romantically holding hands, implying that the characters were initiating a romance.
Sadly, at the start of the second season of "Picard," Seven and Raffi had already dated for a while and broken up, causing a great deal of romantic resentment between them.
Viewers were robbed of Seven's and Raffi's happy relationship, but season three of "Picard" ended with Seven as the Enterprise-G's captain and Raffi as her first officer.
The conclusion of "Picard" is a pitch for a new series from showrunner Terry Matalas ("Star Trek: Legacy"), which would include drama from Seven's and Raffi's past relationship.
"Star Trek: Legacy" would be the first time that a captain would serve directly with an ex. Matalas loved the possibilities of that dynamic, calling it "a rich opportunity."
Unfortunately, there are no plans to make "Legacy," though Matalas says, "We're looking forward to whatever the 'Star Trek' universe brings ... and never say never."