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Star Trek: TNG’s Treatment Of Beverly Crusher Disappointed Gates McFadden
When Gates McFadden played Beverly Crusher in “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” she was frustrated that her character had little depth, conflict, arc, or opportunity for growth.
Crusher’s character also got sidelined in the “Star Trek” films after “Next Generation.” McFadden lamented, “So much of the history of the character — you didn't even see it.”
Crusher and Picard had the makings of a budding romance, but it was never explored. A perplexed McFadden said, “It was as if he and Crusher had nothing between them, or ever did.”
Despite her objections, McFadden kept perspective. She added, “You want your role to be as wonderful as possible. But [...] you're very happy that the franchise is doing well.”
The writing was out of McFadden’s control, which gave her solace. She said, “That's Hollywood. So you just accept it and do the best you can do with what you're given.”
Fortunately, in Season 3 of “Picard,” Dr. Crusher carries weapons, commands a ship, and transports black-market medicine to non-Federation worlds, which strengthens the character.