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Star Trek’s Mysterious Husnock Aliens Explained
In the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” episode “The Survivors,” the U.S.S. Enterprise encounters a perplexing situation on the seemingly uninhabited planet Delta Rana IV.
In the aftermath of an ancient cataclysm sits a lone house that used to host a couple, Kevin and Rishon Uxbridge. Initially reserved, the Uxbridges disclose a sorrowful story.
Kevin is a Douwd, a godlike species of pure energy. In the past, the Husnock, a ruthless species, attacked the colony, leading to the death of Rishon and all 11,000 colonists.
Kevin’s species lives by a strict code of pacifism, but the death of Rishon devastated him. Anguished, he used his powers to wipe out the entire Husnock race, committing genocide.
In David Mack's 2017 "Titan" novel "Fortune of War," the Husnock were finally brought back in their own central story, albeit about 20 years after their extinction.
Described as a "species of hideous intelligence, who knew only aggression and destruction," their demise in 2366 is shrouded in mystery, with little data in the Federation logs.
Described as evil octopodes with four walking tentacles, three arms, beak-like mouths, and dark blue blood, Husnocks had multiple hearts, although an exact number was not given.
It is logged that Kevin projected ceaseless images of Rishon's death to all 50 billion Husnock simultaneously before setting them ablaze and burning them all into ash.