One of the Acolytes in Star Wars
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Star Wars: The Acolyte Was Inspired By A Fan-Favorite Animated Character
“The Acolyte,” a new Star Wars series set in the High Republic era, draws inspiration from fan-favorite animated characters, particularly the Nightsisters from “The Clone Wars.”
The Nightsisters of Dathomir, originating from the defunct Expanded Universe, rose to prominence in the “Clone Wars” series and continued under Filoni's leadership at Lucasfilm.
Leslye Headland, a showrunner, drew inspiration from “The Clone Wars” for “The Acolyte,” stating, “‘The Clone Wars' [inspired 'The Acolyte'], a lot being inspired by Nightsisters.”
Just as fans witnessed Ahsoka leaving the Jedi Order and collaborating with characters like the Nightsister Asajj Ventress, similar arcs can be expected from showrunner Headland.
Additionally, with her potential resurrection in “The Bad Batch” and the influence from “The Clone Wars,” 2024 seems to be the year of Asajj Ventress. Stay tuned for “The Acolyte.”