Anson Mount as Captain Pike
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Strange New Worlds’ VFX Tech Is Straight Out Of Star Trek
"Star Trek: Strange New Worlds" stars Anson Mount as Captain Pike and Ethan Peck as Spock told Variety that they get to go to work on a set named after part of a starship.
"Sometimes we call it The Holodeck," Mount said, referring to the massive augmented reality walls that transform the set into a virtual-physical hybrid space.
Variety's Adam B. Vary observed that Mount "[couldn't] help but break into a boyish grin" when he talked about the AR walls, as if it's a childhood dream come true.
Posters from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" adorn the walls on the path to the virtual set, along with the phrase "Enter Holodeck" written in a classic "Star Trek" font.
Mount says the walls use huge LED screens to display realistic but dizzying CGI backdrops. Peck says they don't affect him, joking, "Spock would not get ill, so I'm Method acting,"