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Ted Lasso Finale: Who Were Those Guests At Coach Beard’s Wedding?
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for the Season 3 finale of Ted Lasso.”
The series finale of “Ted Lasso” brought back some old characters for cameos in the show’s final moments when Coach Beard and his girlfriend Jane tie the knot.
As Beard and Jane are wacky people, their wedding guest list is equally peculiar, with two characters from Season 2’s episode “Beard After Hours” in attendance.
In that episode, a woman who keeps her lovers’ trousers takes the coach’s pants. Later, Beard is chased by her seemingly dangerous boyfriend, who is trying to return his wallet.
During Beard’s wedding, Mary and Darren — the two from that surreal night — are present for the ceremony and even reveal that they had a child sometime since Season 2.
“Ted Lasso” expertly took on Martin Scorsese’s “After Hours” in a bizarre way that created a strong comedic, dramatic, and emotionally resonant episode.
Beard actor and co-creator Brendan Hunt had this to say about the episode: “The idea was to really run Beard through the mud, but then at the end give him the release of this.”
Hunt shared how he, Jason Sudeikis, and Joe Kelly became friends doing standup in Amsterdam, saying, “In Amsterdam, you learn that a night out dancing is good for the soul.”
He added that whatever your problems may be, “if you can get a night out with friends and really just lose yourself in the music, that’s just straight-up good for you.”