Actor Jonathan Majors attending a celebration of Excellence in Hollywood on March 05, 2023 in West Hollywood, California.
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The 10 Best Jonathan Majors Moments In Creed 3, Ranked
10. First Take
When Adonis (Michael B. Jordan) goes on the ESPN talk show "First Take," Dame (Jonathan Majors) calls into the show to trash-talk him. Adonis suggests they should talk about this off-air, but Dame shoots back, "Bad news, bro ... this live," delivered with Majors’ impeccable comedic timing and resulting in one of the movie’s funniest moments.
9. Lunch with Adonis
At lunch, Majors delivers two excellent moments that give moviegoers insight into who Dame is. The first sees Dame douse his food with hot sauce before telling Adonis, without making eye contact, that he was in prison for 18 years, while the second shows him give Adonis a curious look after Adonis says he never received Dame's prison letters.
8. Ticking Clock
In Adonis’ bar, Majors says, "Maybe I ain't make myself clear," using small pauses to intrigue the viewers, before adding, "I want a title shot." Dame stares at the ground and explains, "My clock is ticking. It's now or never for me," as Majors subtly shifts Dame's characterization, letting some resentment toward Adonis seep through.
7. "Aww, hell yeah."
At Adonis' gorgeous mansion in the Hollywood Hills, Dame interacts with Adonis’ deaf daughter by mimicking her father’s signs to say, "Nice to meet you." When the young girl replies, "You too," Dame goes, "Aww, hell yeah," resulting in an adorable moment that makes Dame's eventual betrayal sting even more.
6. The label party
Dame looks awkward and fidgety in his regular clothes during Bianca's high-end label party, but that perception changes when it's implied later that he might've ordered an attack on one of the guests during the party. Dame was likely feeling uncomfortable while also anticipating the impending attack — Majors' acting lets both be true at once.