HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - JUNE 25: Steve Carell attends the Illumination and Universal Pictures' "Minions: The Rise Of Gru" Los Angeles premiere on June 25, 2022 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Araya Doheny/NewsMagic)
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The 10 Best Steve Carell Roles That Aren't Michael Scott
Gru, an evil genius voiced by Steve Carell, becomes an unexpected father figure to a trio of young orphan children while attempting to steal the Moon. Despite the popularity of the Minions, Gru remains the central protagonist of "Despicable Me," and the franchise's success has introduced Carell's brand of humor to a younger audience.
Evan Baxter
Carell appears as Evan Baxter, a career-eager anchorman, in the 2003 high-concept comedy "Bruce Almighty." He manages to give comedy icon and the film's protagonist Jim Carrey a run for his money when it comes to stealing scenes and tickling the audience's funny bones, which led to his character getting a spinoff movie, "Evan Almighty," in 2007.
Brick Tamland
Carell's performance as air-head weatherman Brick Tamland in the "Anchorman" movies stands out among a cast of larger-than-life characters. Carell's deadpan delivery and subtle physical comedy, coupled with Tamland's nonsensical lines, make his performance memorable and demonstrate why Carell is fun to watch.
Andy Stitzer
In "The 40-Year-Old Virgin," Carell plays Andy Stitzer, a shy man trying to find love with the help of his friends. The film puts Stitzer in several cringy and hilarious scenes, including a memorable moment where he gets his chest waxed — Carell almost lost one of his nipples during the scene, and CGI was used to remove most of the blood.
In "Little Miss Sunshine," Carell stars as Frank, a depressed, recently unemployed teacher who joins his sister's family on a road trip. Playing the introverted character allows Carell to showcase a more grounded and contemplative side of his on-screen personality, leading him to explore more complex and dramatic roles in his later career.