Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard in Blade Runner
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The 11 Worst Things Actors Had To Do For Sci-Fi Movies
In “The Abyss,” Ed Harris had to hold his breath while his eyes swelled from a liquid pumped into his helmet, and the stress and continuous retakes led to emotional breakdowns. Elizabeth Mastrantonio endured repeated takes of a resuscitation scene that required her to lay bare and be struck repeatedly across the face.
Young's treatment
It's hard to watch the aggressive “love” scene in “Blade Runner” between Harrison Ford and Sean Young without cringing. There's little charisma as Ford’s Deckard forces Young’s Rachel to say she wants to be kissed and touched by him, and instead, there's a primal hostility oozing off the screen.
A Piece Of Prochnow
To accomplish the unleashing of the thick green fog as a chemical attack in “Dune,” Jürgen Prochnow had his face padded with a fake cheek that had a delivery tube for the green smoke, which would activate once it was torn. The tube malfunctioned as the chemicals overheated and burned Prochnow’s face.
Hamilton's Kneecaps
According to the director's commentary for “Terminator 2: Judgment Day,” Linda Hamilton did multiple takes of an orderly striking her in the stomach until she fell to the ground on her knees because the other actor kept visibly pulling his strikes. That meant hours of Hamilton crunching her knees on the floor.
At one point in “Waterworld,” Kevin Costner’s nameless Mariner is lashed to the mast of a trimaran, weathering a squall. The scene was shot on a gusty channel of water off the coast of Hawaii, and Costner got stuck on that mast for at least half an hour, getting a saltwater brine until the squall passed.