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The 12 Best Scenes In Andor Season 1, Ranked
12. Nemik’s manifesto
Politics in the “Star Wars” universe is often depicted in the simplistic “good vs. bad” view and has never been fully explored until “Andor.” Nemik, a young idealist who writes a manifesto that highlights the central message of the series and “Rogue One,” bonds with Cassian and first sparks the idea of rebellion in the protagonist.
11. Recruiting Kolma
“Andor” heavily showcases the facade of public life under fascist rule and the intrigue associated with protecting one’s own identity and agenda. Mon Mothma reaches out to Tay Kolma at a political party and takes a serious risk by confiding in him for an incredibly intense, beautifully written scene.
10. Luthen’s ship
Despite being a more grounded series, it can still deliver thrilling action set-pieces when needed, like the rebel mastermind Luthen’s (Stellan Skarsgård) escape from the Imperials. Skarsgård gives an incredible performance as he effortlessly slips from compliance to determination, preparing for his getaway.
9. Dedra tortures Bix
While the audience may start off relating to ISB agent Dedra Meero and her frustrations at work, that quickly changes after her first interaction with Bix. Meero reveals herself to be an utterly ruthless villain as she subjects Bix to brutal torture with the assistance of disarmingly friendly Dr. Gorst.
8. Never more than 12
Kino Loy is introduced as a sort of antagonist who wants to survive the prison and refuses to answer Cassian’s questions about the number of guards on each floor. However, after seeing an elderly inmate euthanized and discovering that none of them are ever getting released, Kino answers Cassian’s question: “Never more than 12.”