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The 14 Best Horror Movies About Grief
The Final Girls
"The Final Girls" centers around Max Cartwright who, after losing her mother, finds herself and her friends sucked into a movie that starred her mother. In the process, Max learns lessons about death, grief, and loss, but even so, the film brings lightheartedness as it comments on slasher conventions, tropes, and character archetypes.
Pet Sematary
“Pet Sematary” looks at the Creed family’s grief after their youngest child, Gage, is killed by a speeding semi-truck and then buried in the pet cemetery in his father’s misguided attempt to bring him back to life. Resurrected Gage goes on a murderous rampage, killing his own mother, and in many ways, becomes a manifestation of grief's heaviness.
"Hereditary" follows the psychological breakdown of Annie after the death of her mother, only to then lose her daughter, Charlie. As Annie spirals out of control, she befriends Joan, who suggests that Annie conjure up Charlie through witchcraft. Ultimately, the film shows the lengths someone can go to keep a dead loved one alive.
Anything for Jackson
In “Anything for Jackson,” an elderly couple turns to Satanism to resurrect their dead grandson. As they hold a pregnant woman hostage to transfer his spirit into the fetus, the film shows how grief can blind them to reality even if their intentions are pure. The accident the couple encounters in the process also symbolizes the futility of controlling grief.
The Descent
After her husband and daughter's death in a car crash, Sarah is forced to face her grief in the claustrophobic Appalachian Mountains during a spelunking adventure with friends. With the presence of cave-dwelling monsters and themes of betrayal, resentment, and revenge, Sarah eventually works through her grief and emerges victorious at the end.