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The Big Detail You Missed With The New Na'Vi Tribe In Avatar 2
"Avatar: The Way of Water '' is set to introduce new parts of Pandora, from water environments and reefs to several new creatures, and also an entirely new Na'vi tribe — the Metkayina. They are set to be new allies and also new rivals, with the trailer teasing a bit of a "Romeo and Juliet" situation with the children of Jake Sully and the head of the Metkayina, Olo'eyktan Tonowari.
The first thing to notice about the Metkayina clan is that they seem biologically different from the Omaticaya. Their skin seems to be more greenish than the traditional intense blue of the mainland Na'vi, probably as a result of their aquatic life, as their skin color could allow them to blend with the environment underwater.
This is significant because it shows that the Na'vi are biologically suited to their environment, adapting and evolving depending on where they live. More importantly, it opens the door for infinite possibilities for the future of the franchise, where each clan has abilities and a physiology dictated by their environment.