Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie starring in the Bone Collector
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The Bone Collector Made An Unusual Deal With Denzel Washington & Angelina Jolie
“The Bone Collector,” released in 1999, featured Denzel Washington as Lincoln Rhyme, a quadriplegic detective, and Angelina Jolie as his crime-fighting partner, Amelia Donaghy.
According to Syfy, the studio was uncertain about securing the talents of high-profile actors like Jolie and Washington at the time, given the conservative budget of $48 million.
Director Phillip Noyce secured the actors by making a special deal with the studio: He could pick his preferred actors and receive a bonus if the film stayed under budget.
If over budget, Noyce would personally cover any extra costs out of his own pocket. Conversely, he would be entitled to keep half of the savings if he stayed under budget.
The film surpassed expectations, grossing $151 million, and Noyce received a significant bonus for his efforts in its success, contributing to what he referred to as “fine acting.”