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The Bones Storyline That David Boreanaz Called ‘Bad Television’
When trying to create unique murders to investigate, the "Bones" writers sometimes went too far into outlandish territory, crafting nonsensical, strange, or bad mysteries.
At a SAG-AFTRA event, "Bones" star David Boreanaz admitted that the show's storylines often worked but recalled one in particular with a lack of fondness.
The third season of "Bones" had an ongoing plot about an underground cannibalistic serial killer called the Gormogon. The murders involved rituals, cloaks, and candles.
Boreanaz loved the circus episode that season but was baffled by the Gormogon storyline. The plot was strange, even for an off-kilter show like "Bones."
"That was just wrong and bad television, I thought. You have these moments that are good and bad and that's just the way it is," Boreanaz summarized.