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The Chilling True Story Behind Netflix’s What Jennifer Did
Netflix’s documentary “What Jennifer Did” tells the events surrounding 24-year-old Jennifer Pan and the orchestrated murder of her mother and the attempted murder of her father.
Pan was allegedly restrained but unhurt and was able to call police. However, it is revealed that Pan was responsible for the tragic events of the 2010 home invasion.
The documentary includes the footage of three extensive interrogations of Pan by Canadian law enforcement before her story eventually begins to fall apart.
Pan lied to her parents about graduating high school, attending college, and doing an internship at a hospital, and instead spent time with her drug dealer boyfriend, Danny Wong.
After her parents learned of her lies and continued relationship with Wong, tensions in the Pan household only increased until the night of the home invasion.
Through police interrogations and investigations, they learned that Pan and Wong hired a hitman and two of his associates to kill her parents for her inheritance.
Alleged hitman Eric Carty and his associates went into the Pan home and made demands for money before shooting both parents, killing mother Bich, and wounding father Hann.
Interviews with people who knew Jennifer Pan paint her as lonely and with little self-worth, often showing intense devotion to Wong without showing the same kind of love to herself.
In the end, Pan, Wong, and those involved were sentenced to life in prison, though one of Carty’s associates died in jail on a different murder charge while awaiting trial.