Tom Hanks in Cast Away.
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The Ending Of Tom Hanks’ Cast Away, Explained
2000’s “Cast Away” might seem like a survival story, but the movie's ending is not about Chuck Noland’s (Tom Hanks) perseverance, it’s more symbolic.
“Cast Away” was constantly playing with symbolism, namely, the clock and the angel wings. Chuck holds the stopwatch with Kelly's photo in it dearly, a motivator for his survival.
But the clock doesn't work, symbolizing that Chuck's time with Kelly has run its course. When he returns home, she has moved on because she presumed he was dead.
Chuck also felt a sense of hope tied to a FedEx package decorated with angel wings. He saw the wings as a sign that he was destined to deliver the package.
He ensured the safekeeping of the package and by taking care of the package of angel wings, he was effectively taking care of himself.
When he sets out on a journey to deliver the unopened package, the recipient is not home, so he leaves it at the door with the note “saved his life.”
After leaving the house, he comes to a crossroads, and a woman in a pickup truck gives him directions. As she drives away, he sees painted angel wings at the back of her truck.
Chuck is at a literal and metaphorical crossroads in his life, his options limitless. He survived because he listened to the universe — and it was speaking to him again.