Bender from Futurama wearing sunglasses and holding a sci-fi gun
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The First Drafts Of Futurama Featured A Very Different Version Of Bender
In the “Futurama” episode, “My Three Suns,” Bender is called out for not serving a purpose at work. Rather than getting his salary cut, Bender proposes he become the company chef.
While being the chef happened early in the series, show co-creator David X. Cohen revealed on the episode’s DVD commentary track that he was meant to be so from the start.
Cohen said, “In early conceptions of the series, Bender was gonna be the chef in every episode, that was gonna be his main function in the show. Then we canned that.”
He continued, “Then he was gonna be the translator. Then it turned out it was funnier just having him be a lazy bum.” Cohen also added that cooking was “more of a hobby.”