Alban Lenoir wielding a gun in a scene from AKA
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The French Crime Thriller That Shot Up To The Top Spot On Netflix’s Charts
Despite Netflix's algorithm sometimes making it difficult for viewers to discover new releases, the French crime thriller "AKA" has managed to gain significant popularity.
The film topped Netflix's non-English language film chart for two weeks heading into May 2023 and remained in the top five for the subsequent two weeks.
"AKA" stars Alban Lenoir — previously seen in "Taken" and "Marianne" — as Adam Franco, a man with special ops training who goes undercover in a dangerous crime lord's organization.
The crime lord, Victor Pastores, is played by Eric Cantona, a renowned former soccer player who has appeared in shows and movies, including the Oscar-winning film "Elizabeth."
The pair go head-to-head as Franco immerses himself in Pastores' organization to monitor a Sudanese terrorist within
its ranks.
The plot takes a twist when Franco ends up becoming the bodyguard for Pastores' young son. The two form a bond, infusing a serious tone into the action and drama of the film.
The film has received mostly positive reviews from critics, with Lenoir's performance earning particular praise. For fans of crime thrillers, "AKA" is worth checking out.