Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen standing outside in Game of Thrones
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The Game Of Thrones Star Truly Responsible For That Infamous Coffee Cup
In Season 8, Episode 4 of “Game of Thrones,” a modern coffee cup can be seen on a table near Emilia Clarke’s character. Clarke revealed who it belonged to on “The Tonight Show.”
Clarke said Conleth Hill, who played Varys, confessed during a party that the cup was his. Hill told her, “‘Emilia, I’ve got to tell you something. [...] The coffee cup was mine.’”
Clarke continued, “[Hill] said so. He’s like, ‘I think it was. I’m sorry, darling. I didn’t want to say anything because it seemed the heat was very much on you.’”
Although many suspected that it was Clarke’s cup, it makes more sense that someone set down their cup, and then when it was time to start shooting they forgot they put it there.
Hill likely left the cup where he was in the scene, before he moved elsewhere in between takes. Clarke added, “He might have been drunk, but he said it. So I’m gonna take that.”